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About Us

About Us

We are US-based Online Learning Platform, where we help put your passion for nursing into action. We teach and facilitate the nursing field, allied health, and other health education fields to become well-rounded, skilled nurses, and health-care professionals. 

A diverse team of nurse experts, scholars, and clinicians educate students to become transformational leaders in the nursing profession. We offer different allied health programs, Home Health Aide, Certified Nursing Assistant, and other nursing programs. We offer a coaching service to nursing students who have completed their nursing graduate degrees and want to prepare for NCLEX exams to get a nursing license. 

At New Era Professionals, we have a welcoming environment, and our diverse student body at campus ensures learning. It not only promotes robust and deeper learning but also provides students with a sense of belongingness. Our tutors teach students, inspire them, challenge them, and boost their curiosity to learn more. 

Our tutors create a learning environment in our classes where students are encouraged to ask questions along the way to enhance their overall learning experience. Besides, our instructors help prepare students for the NCLEX exam. They help students understand the current NCLEX Test Plan, content distribution, and delivery method of the final examination.

Our Approach

We follow a proven approach that helps nursing students to achieve success in NCLEX exams in their very first attempt. We follow the below-mentioned steps to prepare our students for this crucial exam so that they can launch their nursing careers successfully.

We continually review the core content of the NCLEX test and try to develop the students' critical thinking skills that they need to master to pass the test.

  • We prepare students for NCLEX by deploying specific teaching and testing strategies.
  • Our testing strategies encourage students to think like a practicing nurse rather than being a nurse student.
  • Our tutors help you master NCLEX content by evaluating your preparedness for the test via simulator exams.
  • Our expert tutors will help students:
  • Practice with test-like questions
  • Build your clinical reasoning skills
  • Learn how to think like a professional nurse
  • Achieve positive patient outcomes